Parenting Group Programs 

Leanne has a great appreciation of the importance of a secure parent-child attachment as underpinning and reinforcing “psychological immunity”.

“Meet me where I’m at”  is a 6- week program co-facilitated by a highly experienced senior speech pathologist. The multi-session group program supports parents to:

  • Be more aware and accepting of emotions in themselves.
  • Find their own ways to effectively tune into their child’s emotions.
  • Develop skills to help their child build an emotional vocabulary.
  • Teach their child how to understand and regulate emotions.
  • Consciously build on and develop skills of emotion coaching.
  • Foster parent-child attachment to develop security and resilience in their child.

An expected outcome of the program is to develop or strengthen emotional intelligence. Children who come from families with proficient emotional
intelligence and emotional maturity, and whose parents are able to tune into their emotions, have been shown to demonstrate:

  • Greater success with relationships and friendships
  • More effective conflict management skills
  • Increased capacity to self-soothe
  • Decrease in the presentation of childhood illnesses
  • Greater satisfaction with relationships as adults and more stable connections
  • Improved academic success and more promising career paths
  • Increased overall resilience

When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos

L. R. Knost