Comprehensive Educational Assessment

An academic assessment is usually and typically administered together with a cognitive assessment. This is referred to as a Comprehensive Educational Assessment. The administration of a battery of tests is beneficial to assist parents and educators develop insight into a child’s unique learning profile and academic capabilities. The findings aim to assist parents and educators make informed decisions about how best to support their child’s individual learning

A Comprehensive Educational Assessment typically consists of the following:

  • A parent consultation (without your child) to obtain a detailed developmental history and background information as well as a discussion around presenting
  • Cognitive  assessment (approximately 120 minutes however completion time depends on the working speed and concentration / attention of your child).
  • Academic assessment (approximately 120 minutes but this is variable)
  • Depending  on the presenting concerns and test results, additional testing may be recommended to explore other areas of learning such as executive function,
    memory, attention and concentration, orthographic awareness and phonological awareness skills (in the case of dyslexia).
  • Results are provided in the form of a detailed and comprehensive written report which will also contain specific recommendations and practical strategies to support the child at home and at school.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend a feedback session to discuss the results and recommendations.